Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Tumble into the Abyss

Yes. It's happened. I have caved into the peer pressure (okay, specifically, the KELTIE pressure) to write a weblog. Have I a life worth reporting? Not really. Do I live one rousing adventure after another? Positively not. Do I have anything worth saying? Not particularly, but whatever. Don't judge me; you're reading this. (And if you're not, then I won't know. Neither will you, for that matter.)

Know off the bat that I will not call this a "blog". Blog sounds too much like something which may fly out of a youngster's nose during an unexpected sneeze in the winter months.

My thought for today? Keltie is very pushy. Yet we love her.

Remember, SOMEONE loved Attila the Hun as well.

Good evening.