Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jumping to the Left

I figured I should make a quick entry, for anyone who cares.

Tonight was opening night for The Rocky Horror Show, and we had a great audience who seemed to have fun. It's mighty high-energy, though, and I'm a bit ... um ... howshouldiputit? ... daunted at the thought of doing the double shows on Friday and Saturday. If tonight's any indication, there's only going to be 20 minutes or so break between the first show ending and the second starting, so yikes, I'm likely to be drained by the end of the weekend. Of course, then it's back to rehearsals for Me and My Girl the very next day.

Now, though, it's off to bed for me. It's back to work tomorrow morning, bright and early. (Let's hope I don't have to dig myself out again. Today, of all days, I made the unfortunate and horribly frustrating discovery that my car isn't shifting into 4-wheel drive when it says it is. That made it pretty useless when I got stuck on my side street. Let's get that fixed in a hurry, shall we?)

Monday, February 05, 2007


I know, I know. I'm a bad, bad weblogger.

I believe I've said that before.

Things have been hopping madly. Rocky Horror rehearsals are going well and, with the show opening in just over a week, they should be! I expect it'll be good fun, so long as my voice holds out alright. (I've come down with a touch of a cold, but so far it's not taking me down for the count.) Well, if my voice doesn't kill me, the heels probably will.

I'm also in full-swing rehearsals for Me and My Girl, so that'll keep me jumping betwixt and between. It's rather amusing, really, to be rehearsing the two parts simultaneously, especially since one requires the worst posture I've ever had on stage and the other will require the opposite. Hahaha! (And if you know me, my posture's pretty sloppy to start with!)

In any case, my bed doth call me.