Sunday, October 29, 2006

Small Mercies

I'll say it right off the bat: we did not have to do crunches today. Praise the director for his grace and mercy!

The day was long, reasonably productive, and when I got in, I got to work on a small portion of the paperwork. Although my schedule this week is going to be taxing, I'm going to bust my butt to get things done and caught up as best as I can. Wish me luck. Or send me caffeinated products to keep me from needing to sleep for several days at a stretch. Your choice.

For now, I'm going to wrap up the project currently on my computer and then I'm off to bed. Early to bed, early to get into work and get some of the aforementioned work done.

It may not have the best ring to it, but it's what I can offer this evening.


This day must end.

No, really. It must end.

Let me give you the nutshell, quick-and-easy blow-by-blow of the day's lowlights.

First, as mentioned in an earlier entry, I was slated to put in a guest appearance as Wizard Whadzisname at pair of little charity shows today. My costume was to arrive with one of the other performers. So I was sitting there waiting. And waiting. And waiting a little bit more. At 12:15, a mere 45 minutes before the first show was slated to begin, I got the number of the aforementioned performer and gave it a call.

He was not home.

Fifteen minutes later (do the math -- just half-an-hour before curtain) he called me back with "Sorry, I just woke up. I won't get there for an hour." Yes. An hour. As in half-an-hour after curtain.

In a whirlwind, I drove madly back to my house, picked up a couple of my own costumes from other characters, raced back to the theatre, arriving at 12:55 to combine bits and pieces to create a replacement character, one Fredrick (with a long e, thankyouverymuch) Spitewhistle.

In the end, the other performer (and his character) never did show up with costume, character, or any word. You can imagine my level of impressedness.

Then I headed home, took a brief nap (far too brief for the way my day had gone and would yet go) and ran out to pick up a few grocery-like items to get me through the next few days before a planned marathon of paperwork which has been piling up from work for some time. I grabbed drive-through, so that I could scarf and get down to work.

I was about 30 seconds in the door (hadn't even brought groceries in yet) and the phone rang. It was Sarah, who works with me at job number one calling from job number two, the dinner theatre, where she also works with me, asking me to come in and work. It seems that the audience numbers had gone up and they were understaffed. Couldn't get anyone else. Please please please and all that jazz. So the paperwork sat (still in the back of my car, the groceries were in the front) while I drove in to work.

My drive-through? I ate it along the way, and they even messed that up, so it was a dissatisfying meal all around.

The dinner show went fine overall, but let's be honest, I'll be paying for it since I STILL have not caught up on the work in my car. Given that tomorrow I have:

a) crew photos in the morning; followed by
b) a production meeting just before lunch; followed by
c) an afternoon rehearsal; followed by
d) an evening rehearsal

it's pretty safe to say I'm not getting much done. Ug. My new plan is to stay after work on Monday until about 9:00 pm and just get as much done as I humanly can.

And you know darn well the director's going to make us do those cursed crunches, just to spite me.

Don't even get me started on the newly-scheduled rehearsal on Hallowe'en, right at candy-distribution prime-time. Yay. I can be the house on the corner that's not giving any candy out since I'll be IN REHEARSAL! Yeesh.

On the upside, about three minutes after I press "PUBLISH" on this, I'll be passed out in my bed.

Here goes...


Oh. I completely forgot to add that after work I dropped by ye olde Boston Pizza to grab a Spicy Perogie Pizza for Betsy and I to share and surprise! they got that order wrong, too. Today was simply NOT my day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Literary Update

I admit it. I'm avoiding work. I have scads to do, but just can't bring myself to do it. I'll go into work early tomorrow and get as much done as I can.

In the meantime, I'm going to do my darndest to get to bed early (which means before midnight).

I'm nearly finished reading The Book of Dead Days and must admit that I'm enjoying it overall. It's intriguing enough to keep my little mind interested, but not complex enough to be taxing. In other words, good for me these days. It's from the Children's/Young Adult section of the bookstore where I buy far too many things. And let's be honest. When the author is described in the following manner -- "By day he works in children's publishing and by night is the drummer in a rock band in Brighton." -- how could you not like him? Ha!

I'm also well into Something Rotten, an enjoyable romp in absurdist fiction. I set it aside, what with the business of life since in the past month, but I'm dedicated to picking it up and finishing it sometime soon. Again, when the book flap reads, "There is another 1988. Where purgatory is a motorway service station. Where dodos are very much alive, living in your potting shed, and called Alan. And where the future of the universe hands in the balance of a premier league croquet match..." you have pretty much got to be intrigued. Add to that other teasing phrases like, "First she has to get her job back following the infamous illegal cheese-smuggling incident" and you've got my attention. When I picked up this book on a whim, I didn't realize that it was fourth (I think) in a series, but I may just have to pick up the other three when I'm done. You know. To read. In my free time. Oh so much free time.

Finally, I was glad to arrive home today to find a package from Amazon waiting for me. (Why, you may ask, did I link to Chapters in this entry if I bought things from Amazon? Because, that's why.) It was my new Postsecret book, My Secret.

Adventures in reading all around!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Assorted Affair

I stink at keeping a Fount of Wisdom Located Online.

There. I said it. I've thrown it out into the world for all to see. Judge me if you wish.

Things are a tad hectic, due in part to my apparent inability to say "No" to people, and let me assure you that sounds much more exciting than it really is.

I'm in the midst of rehearsals, which are going well, but are a tad tiring. Remember those crunches? Yeah. Fun. Then yesterday, we were working on a number that involves singing while literally jumping up and down. Over and over and over. Hour after hour. Singing. And dancing. And jumping. And doing all three at the same time. Ug.

Then there's the fact that (due to the aforementioned inability to say "No") I'm the program designer for the show. So, I'm in there yesterday before the rehearsals for the cast and crew photo shoot. And I'm collecting / hounding people for bios. At some point I actually have to sit down at the computer and work out all of the layout and start typing everything in, to boot. In my wealth of free time, of course. "No" would have been so much less demanding.

This Saturday, I'm supposed to put in an appearance at a charity show. Again, why didn't I say "No"? Beats the heck out of me.

I won't even get into the committees and such that I'm on with work. Three more meetings this week. Yeesh.

Now that I've whined and griped, let me focus on more positive things. I watched HEROES tonight and am really enjoying it more than expected. I'm also officially a fan of STUDIO 60. An obnoxious couple was eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE last night, so that was just icing on the cake.

I also read THE END, the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm not sure how I feel about the way things wrapped up. There are a few things to which I would have liked answers, but I'm sure I'll survive. In any case, I feel like I should now go back and reread the whole series to see what I notice, pick up, and remember, since I read them all in such a spread out timeline. I also made the mistake of going to Chapters again the other day, so I bought more books. My "To Be Read" list is VERY long already, so I'm just wholeheartedly digging my hole a whole lot deeper by making new purchases.

On one final note, you've heard me whine periodically about the Subway experiences I've had. (That's Subway as in sandwiches, not Subway as in an underground mode of transportation.) Well, my thought for today in regards to the old Subway is not about the quality of my service (no Alternate Girl mention anywhere in this entry ... oh wait ... darn!) or of my sandwich (which was made without any creepy scoop incident, for a change). It is rather about the troublesome slogan they employ, which has bothered me for some time. Subway likes to toss around the phrase, Eat Fresh! like candy at a scramble, but anyone visiting their handy little counters will see piles upon piles of pre-cooked meat products waiting to be slapped on a bun and reheated in their high-speed ovens. There they are: pre-cooked steak and chicken strips in little paper trays, and rectangles of chicken (?) wrapped in paper. What's so darn fresh about that? I'm thinking their slogan should be Eat Fresh Bread with Assorted Things, Some of Which are Also Fresh, On It!. (Go ahead. Imagine Jon Lovitz saying that. Imagine it. I'll wait.)


Quite frankly, I've even had a few unfresh bread experiences I could write about, but I won't. Still, the whole Eat Fresh! is just a bit of a misnomer.

Hey. I just realized that I shouldn't have had a sub today anyway. Since I didn't have rehearsal, I was supposed to eat the lasagna in my freezer so I'd have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Darn.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I used to bug Keltie about the lengthy gaps in her weblog. No longer, my friend, no longer. Between work and rehearsals, I'm running around quite a bit and I am just lacking the energy and drive to write in this every day. (Plus, once you get work and rehearsals in there, there's not much time for anything else noteworthy on which to report.)

I will say this: REHEARSALS ARE KILLING ME! Okay, that's not quite true. It's not the rehearsals, exactly, that are killing me; it's the pre-rehearsal warm-up that's killing me.

The director has decided to beat our spirits down by having us do 240 crunches at the start of every night.

Read that again, and pity me.

240 crunches.

Plus this "table" thing where you have to hold your back flat while balancing on your elbows and toes.

That's right. Killing me.

I will say this: I'm getting better at making it through the frequently-aforementioned crunches (240 of them a night) with less vocal agony. Still, it's a bit deadly. Thankfully, tonight he only made us do 210 of them. Nice guy.

And on that note, I'm off to bed since the alarm rings early. Well, technically the alarm speaks to me like a morning show early.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


If you have already read Keltie's Weblog (or if you wrote it) then you already know that the two of us got together yesterday for a smashing visit and dinner. She is not kidding about Useless Waiter.

Still, the food was pleasant and the company delicious, so I was very pleased with the evening. Not only did I chat with my dear friend and see her new home, but I also met (at long last) the cats. Both were charming and inviting hosts who welcomed me into their home and spent a little time getting to know me. My only complaint would be the stress of parallel parking in a small space on a dark street.

Tomorrow morning I have a production meeting (yeeha) and the first rehearsal with the director, so that should be a joy and a treat. It'll be a busy week of reahearsals as we start to take the choreography we've been working on and start building it into the scenes as they're developed. By next weekend, I should be aching again.

On an unrelated but dreadfully unpleasant note, Book the Thirteenth of A Series of Unfortunate Event has finally been released and I picked it up today. Though I am horrifically anxious to learn the final, and surely miserable, outcome of the Beaudelaire's misadventures, I am also somewhat disheartened by the knowledge that The End marks the end of this Series of Events of the Unfortunate variety.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Giving Thanks

Today, being the official Thanksgiving Day, I think it prudent that I take the time to reflect on the day in a spirit of Thanksgiving gratitude.

I'm thankful that I was able to sleep in. That seems to be a luxury I'm not enjoying as often as I'd like, so it was quite a treat.

I'm thankful that I caught up on some work. That may sound like something rather unthrilling, but it can pile up, so getting some done is good.

I'm thankful for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Jackie and her parents. Yum! In addition to the usual tasty goodness, I am also thankful that they had sticky-icing cake in honour of Jackie's upcoming birthday, and that I got to hear Jackie's annual playing of the Zoom record. Haha!

I'm thankful that my parents called to say hello and that the conversation didn't involve discussing the death and/or ill health of people I may or may not know.

I'm thankful (ready for some geekiness?) that I caught the third episode of HEROES, having missed the second last week. I think I'm going to enjoy this show if I'm able to keep up with it.

Finally, I'll be thankful for my cherished friends, a few of whom actually read this. Those ones can feel particularly cherished today, since I'm mentioning them in gratitude and they can read all about it.

Now I'm going to be thankful for wrapping this up, reading for half-an-hour and then packing it in early. Rah!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Dullgloomy Life

I've really slowed down on posting because, quite frankly, my life has not warranted much reporting. Here, in a nutshell, are recent, though uninteresting, developments.

Exhibit A

I recently picked up some mouthwash. Little did I know when I bought it that it cleaned and freshened your mouth by caustically burning away the inside of the mouth! It's like swishing battery acid (or at least I'm hypothesizing that it's like that). Yowza!

Exhibit B
I was out Wizarding yesterday morning. Every year, as I sit there at 9:00 in the morning having things glued to my face, I ask myself why I'm doing it. And yet there I am every year. On the upside, not all of the kids were terrified of us. It's amusing how popular these characters are despite the therapy which we make necessary.

Exhibit C
I think I may officially be a candidate for Ebayers Anonymous. I'm not spending metric tonnes and metric tonnes of money, but I'm certainly making random purchases. Oh well. I could be a crack addict, but I'm not, so this pales in comparison.

Exhibit D
It's the long weekend and even though I have work to complete, I've chosen to indulge my procrastinatious side and leave it until tomorrow. And I feel guilt-free about it. I'm also going to sleep in tomorrow. Aaahhh!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chiduckey, Anyone?

If you've been reading ShinyHappy, you know that Keltie's been discussing the curiosity which is Turducken. Having never heard of such a thing before a few days ago, I found it all very odd.

Imagine my shock and surprise when at work this evening a coworker mentioned in passing that she would be making Turducken this weekend! Insanity! My jaw just about went through to the dining room below. She says she may try to drop by with some of it, so if that happens, I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts.

Anyhoo, that's about all the time I have. I've gotten in from work, scarfed a very late supper, and in the morning I'm off to get into intensive makeup bright and early (why do I do these things?), so I'm packing it in.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Okay, so I've completely fallen down in my blogging duties. If I'm not careful, I'm going to lose my readership -- both of you. In any case, here I am ready to share a few scattered thoughts.

I'm tired. I had a little run of rehearsals for CHICAGO and, not being used to that these days, was feeling a little weary come Wednesday. I also discovered one good scratch across my back, amid several bruises, from when we had a slip-up or two when rehearsing Velma's using my spine as a staircase. I'll survive, I'm sure. I've also got a smack of laryngitis and *surprise* have a show to do tomorrow night. Take that, add the fact that Saturday I'll be wandering around and chatting with people in character as a 105-year-old wizard, and I'll pretty much be mute by Sunday.

That aside, what else can I tell you? I'm sure I had something to say earlier... I'm officially addicted to Line Rider, though I'm hard pressed to say exactly why. I've made it my own personal goal to see how long a route I can create for the little sled-riding fellow. I had a smashing one going a few days ago, complete with jumps and precarious almost-fall-offs but sadly I had to restart my computer and goodbye to my smashing tour. Still, I've got a decent one going now, so I'm feeling good again. I'm officially a geeky whack job.

I watched Ye Olde Survivor tonight and think that they should hire me to create some challenges for them. How often can they use the "you'll be tied to a rope and you'll have to go through a course" thing? That's almost as tired as me. I was pleasantly surprised by how completely overthrown JP was, though, complete with two of his guy buddies voting for him. Hahahaha!

Finally, and just as randomly, I picked up Beck's new CD today and am giving it a first-listen-through even as I type. So far I'm approving.

Anyway, I must run along. I'll try to be a bit more relevent next time.