Tuesday, July 24, 2007

J is for J.K. Rowling

Okay, the title will greatly increase the Geek-Rating of this site, but SOMETHING's got to get me back on track with postings. In the past I've fallen off the weblogging wagon, but lately I've fallen off the wagon, been knocked unconscious by the heavy wooden wheels, and now I've come to, realizing that the wagon has trundled on several miles down the road without me.

But I'm back. I hope. At least until I have no internet connectivity next week for a while. Then when I'm back online, hopefully I'll be back here, too.

As for "J", yes I was one of those people who got the book on its release date, though it was really all about the discounted price for me. I didn't really have any intention to read it "right away". I did, however, finish another book this weekend (Nick Sagan's Idlewild) so I figured I was as well reading the latest Potter before someone told me everything that happened, anyway.

All in all, I thought it was a decent and satisfying end to the series, though I clearly won't get into any details. I will share my general amusement when I came across on chapter in particular and thought, "Holy Exposition!", though it was sort of necessary, I suppose. I think it will likely be a very difficult book to translate onto the movie screen, though. Lots of "stuff", some of which is already quite cinematic in the way it's been written, and then a lot of "how it all fits together" stuff that works better in a book where we can enter people's heads and thought processes, and just have the occasional bout of exposititory confab...

'Nuff said.

What else can I say? On the Lot was a bit of a disappointment tonight. No real shining stars among them. Since it's pretty much the only show I'm watching these days (that's not on DVD), I was particularly let down.

On an unrelated note (have you noticed I say that often?), although I don't actually listen to Dolly Parton's music, I have a feeling I'd really like to have her at my barbecue. (If I had a barbecue.) She seems like everyone's fun aunt!

And that's all I've got for tonight.


John said...

I thought for sure that "J" would be for "John". But evidently not. hmmmph

I have yet to read a Harry Potter book. I'm hoping they'll soon release all 7 books in one mammoth volume that I can consume at my leisure.
I haven't seen the 5th movie yet either. But I still owe Tammy an IMAX showing.

Dolly Parton rawks. I'd "throw" a barbecue for her if I thought she'd come.

John said...

PS, you did NOT post this last Tuesday. I've checked here before now. I'm certain of it. Me thinks you're effin' with my mind.

Jerome said...

I'm afraid I did post it way back when. I certainly don't judge you for checking in less ... um ... judiciously (another good "J" word) since I am atrocious at keeping this thing current. I'm going to do my best to improve.