Wednesday, August 08, 2007

L is for Lazing About

Well, you'd think that after a week of virtually uninterrupted leisure, I'd be all refreshingly raring to go on things. That, I regret to admit, is simply not the case. I've spent the day running a few errands, and by "running errands" I mean buying books, but apart from that I have no drive to accomplish much of anything.

WAIT! That's not true. I also wrote a couple of cards and a letter and put them in the mail. Now I sound like a regular busy beaver!

In truth, I'm sure I'll get going again shortly. I'm heading into work in the morning to get some things done, and then I will hopefully get back into the seat of some writing I need to do, not to mention trying to keep getting things read. After all, I just replenished some of the recently vacated spaces on my "waiting to be read" bookshelves.

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