Wednesday, August 29, 2007

S is for Several Things...

S is for Sonic Blade.

Have you seen this "new product" which is being agressively marketed on infomercials? Yes, the revolutionary Sonic Blade is the latest wunderprodukt to be hocked on television and, of course, on the internet. Yes, it's even won the coveted "Best Product of the Year" award from the Electronic Retailing Association. ("ERA is the trade association that represents the leaders of direct response: members who maximize revenues through electronic retailing on television, online and on radio." Yes, the Sonic Blade won an award from the infomercial community...) Remember when this exciting product was just called an electric knife? They even say that "the Sonic Blade doesn't cut your food; it sonically separates it!" I checked, and "cut" means "To separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument" which, I'm quite sure this product does. Don't worry, though, because the Sonic Blade people have even come up with an ACRONYM, NCSS: Non-Compression Sonic Separation. Methinks the word "sonic" is just being a little over/misused in any case. Don't get me wrong; it likely is a fantastic product. Still, enough with Sonic this and Sonic that. Yeah, the blades move back and forth very quickly. We get it. (For added fun, watch the video on the website and see the ... um ... interesting cutting techniques attempted with the regular knife. No wonder they can't do anything neatly!

S is also for Sonya.

She not-so-subtly indicated that she wished this to be part of the post. My friend, Sonya, came down from Toronto today and we had a smashing dinner, then went to ride the grand old carousel in Port Dalhousie. Ha! Just a nickel a ride! A good time was had by all!

S is also for Stalker.

... but I sort of covered that with S is for Sonya.

S is also for Smack the Pony.

Nobody seems to know this very amusing British sketch comedy show which we watched upon our return from the carousel and ice cream. It's like a blend of Kids in the Hall and Little Britain, but with a cast of talented British women.

S is for Summer.

Sadly, it's nearly over. Thank goodness I love Autumn, though it does bring me a bit closer to the dreaded Winter. Ug...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am particularly interested in this "Sonya" you speak of. She sounds FANTASTIC! You should write about her a LOT more!

And P.S. They're right, my food NEVER looks like that, that would require cooking.

Jerome said...

Hey! Sonya doesn't cook either! What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...