Friday, September 03, 2010

The 2010 Summer Screen Review (Part IV)

Watching the first season of One Day at a Time was a great trip down Memory Lane (which corners on Nostalgia Boulevard, and runs parallel to Man-Do-I-Feel-Old Avenue). I wonder how many of these classic sitcoms which have been released, as of late, in Season One sets will see their subsequent seasons released? Probably not as many as I'd like. I was struck by a few things while viewing this enjoyable program:

1. Even after all of these years, I can sing along with the theme song.
2. The opening titles are curiously more blurry than any of the episodes themselves.
3. There was a lot of yelling between mother and daughter and between sisters, making this probably one of the more realistic portrayals of family life on television at the time.
4. I still find it odd that there's a window beside the front door in an apartment.
5. It really was "pushing the envelope" for its time by addressing divorce, teen drinking and sex, and moustaches.
6. If only we could learn from sitcom families that we don't have to sit around watching television all the time. TVs only appear on TVs when they're necessary to the plot.

It was also nice to see, through a little Reunion special feature, that they really had a family-like affection for one another during the show's run, even when Mackenzie was struggling with addictions. (And they spoke openly about those times, too.)

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Moustaches. Ha!