Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, I'm sickish.

Yes, in the middle of Chicago's run, I'm sickish. It started with those tickling, rasping hints of impending laryngitis last week. This time of year is bad for allergies, but I managed to stave off any outright voice loss through the weekend. Then it came. That nasty "Is is allergies or is it a cold now?" feeling that has left me with wretched sinus pressure, the awful voice, and the inability to keep hydrated. I've been sleeping excessively, whenever possible, to try and get it over and done with. I'm hoping I can be reasonably together for the show tomorrow, though I'm a little worried about blowing out my voice before I finish the weekend.

In other news, I've officially accepted the role of Riff-Raff in The Rocky Horror Show. It should be fun, in a loose and freewheeling way. The director wants it to have a ... well ... loose and freewheeling feel to it, keeping it as spontaneous as possible, so the rehearsal period should be interesting. I'm used to audience involvement and heckling from the dinner theatre (where it's part of the show), but it will be interesting to see how it goes when it's on a the Rocky Horror level. ("Bo-o-o-o-ring! Bo-o-o-ring!")

So that's the brief update.

Have a nice day.

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