Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Briefly, When Said

Okay, here you go. I'm going to slam out a post in three minutes or less. Rocky Horror went remarkably well. The audiences were full and full of energy and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I expected to have a good time doing the show, but it was far more fun than I had forseen. What a blast. Riff-Raff turned out to be a very physically demanding role (don't even think about Richard O'Brien in the movie, because I wasn't much like that at all). The theatre has this staircase that runs up the centre of it from the main floor up to the balcony, and up and down this staircase I threw myself with alarming frequency. After doing double shows (with a mere 20 minutes or so between) on both Friday and Saturday nights, I was pretty much aching in every muscle group. Still, completely worth it!

Now I'm a few days from the opening of Me and My Girl. Tonight, my friend Tracy and I wound up in gales of laughter backstage because of a running and rambling dialogue we tend to have these days when we're working together. Be not mistaken: I do not use the term "gales of laughter" lightly. Both of us were aching in the gut and tearing in the eyes from our laughter. Don't ask; there's no way I could explain it in a way to make it seem funny to anyone else.

There. My time is up. You've got the basic scoop. Now I'm going to bed.

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