Saturday, October 27, 2007

W is for Weekend Update

Well, at long last, I was able to sleep in ridiculously late today. Ahhhh! Things as of late have been a trifle busy, but things are going well and looking up for a bit more down time. Woohoo!

Work's keeping me busy (both jobs) and rehearsals are going well. Thankfully, if I'm going to be working all day and rehearsing all night, I might as well be doing it with people who are enjoyable, and I'm certainly in that position.

This past week I also took a quick trip with a small crew of folk to see Batboy: The Musical in Buffalo. It was surprisingly enjoyable! Very fun, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. One could tell that the theatre where it was showing was well aware that it was a bit of a departure for them from their usual fare, but those of the audience who stayed to the end -- and that was certainly most of them -- seemed to enjoy it greatly.

This morning, I was lounging about in a bathrobe (I told you, I slept in ridiculously late for the first time in a month) when I had the pleasant and unexpected surprise of a quick visit from Linda and Tim from Ottawa. Who knew they'd be in my living room this weekend? Woohoo!

Given how hectic things have been, I know that things have piled up a bit with which I must now deal, but things are looking good. Laundry's been done, paperwork is slowly getting completed, and I'm still enjoying life... Hey, I can't complain.

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Anonymous said...

Great! When can you start on my laundry then? Shall I drop it off along with the treats?