Thursday, July 23, 2009

Production Values

Have you ever noticed the variety and sheer number of producers working on television shows? No? Let me talk you through it.

Here's what you'll find during the opening credits of Episode Two of 30 Rock, a show I find fatally enjoyable.

Executive Producer: Tina Fey

Executive Producer: Joann Alfano

Executive Producer: Marci Klein

Executive Producer: David Miner

Co-Executive Producer: Robert Carlock

Co-Executive Producers: Brett Baer and Dave Finkel

Co-Executive Producer: Jack Burditt

Co-Executive Producer: John Riggi

Supervising Producer: Adam Bernstein

Producer: Jeff Richmond

Produced by Jerry Kupfer

Still not enough for you? Then let's look at the closing credits, as well!

Executive Producer: Lorne Michaels

Co-Producer: Irene Burns

Co-Producer: Matt Hubbard

Co-Producer: Margo A. Myers

Associate Producers: Jennifer Danielson and Andrew Singer

Them's a lot o' producers.

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